About us

TFH – an international law consulting group of companies providing for exclusive services.    

TFH Group has wide international experience therefore provides consulting services in international tax planning, structuring of holdings, support of cross-border transactions and investment projects.

TFH Group was created on the basis of English consulting company. Now the group consists of more than 20 consulting companies with offices in Moscow, London, Amsterdam, Limassol, Almaty, etc. Thanks to the extensive partner network TFH provides clients with support for their business in 120 jurisdictions.

The reputation of the company as reliable consultant is based on conservative traditions of the British consulting. Our clients — owners of large international holdings and corporations. We are glad to see you among our clients!    

Our Mission    

Using our professionalism, experience and knowledge to increase competitive advantages of our clients in finance, taxes, management of projects and assets; constantly to be improved and changed to render clients with legal services of the highest quality.    

Paying taxes means giving the part of your property in order to preserve the rest.
Volter Marie Francois Aroue (1694-1778)

Knowledge is money of our time, and ratio is the most valuable asset granted by God to us.
Robert Kiyosaki

Genius is hard work, stick-to-itiveness, and common sense.
Thomas Edison (1847-1931)


Countries compete with each other for foreign investments creating a variety of legal, financial and tax incentives. The professional lawyers of TFH Group carefully search for such solutions as treasures, carefully check them, help to improve in certain case, to reduce risks and costs, and implement in order to optimize the business processes of each client. We are not supporters of standard approaches and solutions. We believe that each client project is unique and individual. In fact, a comprehensive approach to international tax planning allows to choose the optimal tax strategy, to reduce financial and other risks, minimize costs, improve financial transparency of business, provide for corporate security and ensure the necessary level of confidentiality. Extensive international network allows us to not only find and create the best solutions, but also to implement them in over a hundred countries.
  • Maxim Pervunin Maxim Pervunin +7 495 507 63 39 +7 499 286 00 10 pma@tfh-uk.com
  • Ekaterina Lyubinskaya Ekaterina Lyubinskaya +7 (495) 507 63 39 +7 (499) 286 00 10 les@tfh-uk.com
  • Madi Mukhamedzhanov Madi Mukhamedzhanov +7 (495) 507 63 39 +7 (499) 286 00 10 mm@tfh-uk.com


Each new stage of business development requires new approaches to its structuring. Simple structures are effective to a certain limit. On the other hand, complex intricate structures can significantly prevent the further development of business. The professional lawyers of TFH Group help to find a balanced approach for selecting the optimal structure of a particular group of companies. At the same time we take into account many factors: the group's development strategy, international expansion, the need to ensure the protection of assets, regulate relations and the rights of shareholders, to provide a sufficient arsenal of tools of operational management and financial control, improve the investment attractiveness of the group. The TFH experts have a wide experience in supporting large international mergers and acquisitions.
  • Madi Mukhamedzhanov Madi Mukhamedzhanov +7 (495) 507 63 39 +7 (499) 286 00 10 mm@tfh-uk.com
  • Ekaterina Lyubinskaya Ekaterina Lyubinskaya +7 (495) 507 63 39 +7 (499) 286 00 10 les@tfh-uk.com


Capital is best to save by investing it in safe assets. Recent trends in the world of finance require experts to have deep analytical knowledge and a quick reaction to changes in external conditions. The crisis in one area replaces crisis in another one. What yesterday profitable, it is now becoming risky investment. On the other hand, each new crisis opens up new possibilities. The professionals of the TFH Group will help you to choose the best international assets for investment. We manage assets to achieve estimated earnings.


Investment attractive company is able to develop more efficient and faster than its competitors. With proper structuring and management financial cost of external financing for company is reduced. The professionals of the TFH Group will help you to build an effective financial model of the business, to increase the investment attractiveness, to organize the work with international investors and credit organizations.


Many business owners prefer not to think about the issues of inheritance of their assets. But who if not you should take care of your family and children in case of emergency? The risk of assets split also accompanies divorce proceedings. In this case, it is very difficult to explain the conceptual relationship formed between business partners. International trust allows to minimize many of the risks, protect assets, achieve corporate privacy and to plan tax burden and more. Skilled experts of TFH Group advise and help to solve all tasks.
  • Ekaterina Lyubinskaya Ekaterina Lyubinskaya +7 (495) 507 63 39 +7 (499) 286 00 10 les@tfh-uk.com
  • Madi Mukhamedzhanov Madi Mukhamedzhanov +7 (495) 507 63 39 +7 (499) 286 00 10 mm@tfh-uk.com

Legal support of FinTech projects

For more than ten years of work of the TFH Group our clients trust us the most intimate and personal questions. Someone requested to arrange children in prestigious private schools; the other entrusted to accompany the purchase of a house in England. We had such tasks as the selection and negotiations with the best international specialist in medicine. We value personal relationships with our clients and are always ready to help, to use all our professionalism and network to meet the challenges of our clients.


Over the past few years the banking sector around the world has undergone major changes. Know-Your-Client procedures have become greatly complicated. It is more difficult to find a financial institution able to fully meet the expectations of the client. Professional experts of TFH Group banking practice will help you to find the best international financial and credit institutions for the financial support of your business.


When doing business abroad and working with foreign counterparties, unfortunately, there is a possibility of disputes that the parties are unable to resolve through negotiations. The parties also often intentionally choose not national but foreign courts because the views of the higher professionalism of foreign judges and other factors. Thanks to a wide network of professional contacts in many countries the TFH Group will provide you with a full range of services concerning your trials abroad including representation and protection of your interests in international commercial arbitrations.
  • Ekaterina Lyubinskaya Ekaterina Lyubinskaya +7 (495) 507 63 39 +7 (499) 286 00 10 les@tfh-uk.com
  • Madi Mukhamedzhanov Madi Mukhamedzhanov +7 (495) 507 63 39 +7 (499) 286 00 10 mm@tfh-uk.com


  • Maxim Pervunin
    Maxim Pervunin

    Managing Partner, Expert in international tax and civil law, asset management and financial engineering expert

  • Michael Panichev
    Michael Panichev

    Expert in structuring international holdings, foreign trade, and asset protection

  • Valentin Nechaev
    Valentin Nechaev

    Vice President, expert on working with large corporate clients

  • Alexandr Krysin
    Alexandr Krysin

    Vice President

  • Alisa Muskinova
    Alisa Muskinova

    Head of Financial Institutions Department

  • Madi Mukhamedzhanov
    Madi Mukhamedzhanov

    Expert in corporate, civil, international and tax law

  • Ekaterina Lyubinskaya
    Ekaterina Lyubinskaya

    Lawyer of Moscow Chamber of Lawyers

  • Elena Maksimova
    Elena Maksimova

    Expert in asset management, cooperation with investors and partners

Maxim Pervunin
+7 495 507 63 39
+7 499 286 00 10
E-mail: pma@tfh-uk.com
Maxim Pervunin

Maxim graduated from the Moscow Technical University of Communications and Informatics (engineer), Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (Faculty of Law), a Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Financial Asset Management (Financial Institute of Geneva). Maxim has a valuable experience in international corporate law, international tax law, asset protection and attracting investment. He worked in large Russian companies (fuel and energy sector). More than 12 years of experience in senior positions in international consulting companies. Hundreds of large Russian and international projects are realized with his participation. Maxim is recognized expert in the field of international tax law, the author of hundreds of publications in the media.

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    «Hunting for Beneficiary owners. Is it possible to have confidentiality (Moscow)»

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    «Light and shade»

Michael Panichev
+7 (499) 286 00 10
+7 (910) 420 67 59
E-mail: mp@tfh-uk.com
Michael Panichev

Expert in structuring international holdings, foreign trade, and asset protection. More than 10 years of experience holding senior management positions in Russian and foreign companies (consulting, metallurgy, advertising, e-commerce, and distribution).

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    «Hunting for Beneficiary owners. Is it possible to have confidentiality (Moscow)»

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    «Light and shade»

Valentin Nechaev
+7 (499) 286 00 10
+7 (495) 507 63 39
E-mail: nvk@tfh-uk.com
Valentin Nechaev

In 2002 he graduated in Economics and Management from Belgorod State Technological University. He is the author of more than 30 articles and scientific papers on banking topics at Moscow State University named after Lomonosov, MSTU named after Bauman, RAS. He participated as a speaker at international conferences and congresses on Private Banking issues, both in Russia and Europe. He has 15 years experience in management. Starting as the Director of the Department to the Vice-President in major Russian Banks and Investment companies. He worked in OTKRITIE FC, BIN Bank, Bank ZENIT, IFC "SOLID". HIs main tasks were: work with corporate clients, organization of financing for large and medium-sized customers for amounts exceeding 500 million rubles on the entire territory of Russia, the attraction of transnational corporations for deposits, the establishment of limits for the largest re-developers of Moscow, work with state corporations. Valentin handled the organization of customer success departments from scratch, their intracorporate integration, methodological support, the organization of streaming issue of bank guarantees on a federal scale. Valentin’s sphere of competence also included: valuation of collateral, hedging of currency risks, placement of bonded loans, M&As, and organization of project financing. With the participation of Valentin Konstantinovich as a creditor, dozens of major Moscow projects have been implemented, in the field of development, revolving credit and project financing.

Alexandr Krysin
+7 (499) 286 00 10
+7 (495) 507 63 39
E-mail: agk@tfh-uk.com
Alexandr Krysin

Alexander graduated from Plekhanov Moscow Institute of National Economy, Financial Department. Since 1990, he held senior positions in major Russian banks and insurance companies (Zenit Bank, Soglasie, RESO-Garantiya, etc.). Alexander has extensive experience in asset employment and management and project structuring. He was a Member of the Supreme Economic Council of the Supreme Soviet of the Russian Federation in 1991-1993 and a Member of the Political Advisory Council under the President of the Russian Federation.

Alisa Muskinova
+7 495 507 63 39
+7 499 286 00 10
E-mail: ma@tfh-uk.com
Alisa Muskinova

Alisa received BA degree in Economics at Orenburg State University in 2006 and MA degree in Insurance and Risk Management at International Business School MIB School of Management in 2013, she has ACCA DipIFR. Alisa has extensive experience in project coordination in Russian and international banks, including advises on borrowings, opening accounts to companies and private customers. Alisa has good knowledge in the analysis of financial statements for evaluating company's business and transaction structuring. Also under Alisa’s competences were: portfolio management, credit risk assessment, interbank transactions, the calculation of reserves, collateral management. Alisa speaks Russian and English, she is actively involved in variety of international social projects.

Madi Mukhamedzhanov
+7 (495) 507 63 39
+7 (499) 286 00 10
E-mail: mm@tfh-uk.com
Madi Mukhamedzhanov

He has a master's degree in law obtained in MGIMO University as well as a diploma of State University of Law in Kazakhstan. Successfully, completed training course on international state procedures in UK, as well as quality management system training program. Mr. Madi Mukhametzhanov has more than 10 years of work experience as a senior associate in an international law firm recently merged with Dentons. The practice areas include international taxation and tax planning, corporate, international law, mergers and acquisitions, banking and finance, mining, energy, real estate and arbitration. He also have a considerable experience in successful support of large scale cross border transactions, completion of legal due diligence audits of companies from various sectors of economy, preparation of legal opinions, memorandums, contracts, as well as litigation and arbitration. Participated in international conferences, seminars dedicated to international taxation and other law issues and wrote several articles concerning investment structuring and aspects of employment of foreign persons. Joined to TFH group in 2013 and has been resolving issues relating to international tax planning, corporate law (M & A, restructuring, due diligence), real estate, trust management, securities, immigration and other issues under laws of the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and other countries.

Ekaterina Lyubinskaya
+7 (495) 507 63 39
+7 (499) 286 00 10
E-mail: les@tfh-uk.com
Ekaterina Lyubinskaya

In 2010 graduated from the Faculty of Law (Department of Civil Law), Lomonosov Moscow State University. Currently she is Lawyer of Moscow bar association «YurCity». She has more than five years of experience in advising on tax and civil law. She specializes in the tax aspects of international structures, tax and law aspects of foreign economic activity and asset protection. Ekaterina is the independent advisor of TFH on Russian civil and tax law.

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    «Hunting for Beneficiary owners. Is it possible to have confidentiality (Moscow)»

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Elena Maksimova
+7 495 507 63 39
+7 499 286 00 10
E-mail: em@tfh-uk.com
Elena Maksimova

Elena has entered Moscow Institute of market economy, social policy and law (course – economics), Pedagogical college №4 (pedagogics and psychology). In addition, she has obtained a degree of Higher school of business (PR). Elena also has International Investment Certificate, Global Wealth Management Certificate, Hedge Fund Fundamentals Certificate, Certificate FSFM 1.0. (Federal Service for Financial Markets) of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics. Elena has a wide experience in the field of asset management, attraction of investments and private banking. Since 2006 she has been working in major Russian and foreign banks and investment companies as a senior financial advisor and supervisor. She also has an experience in project financing of major industrial objects. Elena is an expert in selection of foreign investment real estate objects.


TFH Group regularly conducts workshops and conferences on topics within the professional competence of our lawyers, economists and experts in finance and banking. On such business meetings we discuss a wide range of issues of high practical value to companies seeking to manage their resources more effective.

Business meetings, seminars, conferences held by our company with the participation of experts, partners and sponsors.    


Инвестиционная недвижимость. Германия. Доходность, рынок и перспективы

10 октября компания TFH Russia провела бизнес-завтрак "Инвестиционная недвижимость. Германия. Доходность, рынок и перспективы" для всех желающих заработать на инвестициях в недвижимость Германии. Гости собрались в легендарном отеле Интерконтиненталь, чтобы за чашкой чая поговорить о перспективах немецкого рынка для российских инвесторов.

Вместе с вице-президентом TFH Russia Еленой Максимовой и руководителем компании World Investment Germany Сергеем Гацке мы разобрались, насколько выгодно сейчас инвестировать в европейскую недвижимость, как инвестору получить европейский кредит со ставкой 2-3% и что происходит с рынком Германии в целом. Елена и Сергей подробно объяснили особенности финансирования и ответили на вопросы гостей.

Оставайтесь с нами, чтобы узнавать о предстоящих мероприятиях, организуемых TFH Russia.

Новая амнистия капитала. Гражданство и недвижимость за рубежом.

Возможно ли законно легализовать свой капитал?

        19 февраля 2018 года в России вступил в силу Закон №33-ФЗ об амнистии капитала. Это уже второй аналогичный закон, однако сейчас есть ряд существенных отличий и преимуществ по сравнению с предыдущими инициативами. Закон настолько интересен, что им хотят воспользоваться, даже те, у кого нет денег в офшорах.   В то время как в Европе начал работать автоматический обмен налоговой информацией, страны предлагают новые варианты для смены гражданства. Появляются новые инвестиционные возможности.

       Международная юридическая компания TFH приглашает Вас на очередную встречу Закрытого Клуба TFH. В дружеской атмосфере мы обсудим ключевые моменты новой амнистии капитала и поговорим о возможностях получения второго гражданства через инвестиции в зарубежную недвижимость.

31 мая 2018 года

Новая амнистия капитала. Гражданство и недвижимость за рубежом.
Спикеры мероприятия – управляющий партнер компании TFH Максим Первунин и представитель компании ArtonCapitalАнна Севостьянова

-Какова процедура амнистии капитала и ее особенности?
-Какие гарантии предоставляет государство?
-Юридические и бухгалтерские аспекты амнистии.
-Какие подводные камни и как их обойти?
-Второе гражданство. Насколько это легально?
-Рейтинг паспортов и стран, подводные камни.
-Инвестиции в какую зарубежную недвижимость подходят для получения второго паспорта.

Место проведения:г. Москва, ул. Тверская, 22, гостиница Интерконтиненталь, зал Попова.
Сбор гостей:с 9-30.
Количество мест ограничено.
Покупка билетов: https://tfh.timepad.ru/event/731507/


Многие стартапы уже поняли, что необходимо соответствовать требованиям SEC (Security Exchange Commition) при работе с инвесторами из США. В СМИ часто поступает противоречивая, разрозненная информация о нормативном регулировании и правоприменительной практике в США. Мы решили помочь Вам убрать пробелы!
Приглашаем Вас на совместный бизнес-ужин
TFH (Russia)

21 мая 2018 года, 19:00-21:00

Совместно обсудим:
-    какова стандартная процедура согласования проектов с SEC?
-    почему лишь пара стартап-проектов решились пройти стандартную процедуру SEC?
-    какие исключения предусмотрены в законодательстве США?
-    особенности правоприменительной практики по  SEC;
-    какие последствия для нарушителей.

Предварительная регистрация обязательна: +7 499 286 0010, op@tfh-uk.com, https://tfh.timepad.ru/event/723742/
Стоимость участия: 30 000 рублей.
Место проведения: г. Москва, InterContinental, ул. Тверская, 22, зал Гончарова


Криптоинвестиции 2018

26 апреля в Минске пройдет форум Криптоинвестиции 2018, который состоится в рамках II Форума частного капитала Беларуси. Максим Первунин выступит с темой: Искусственный интеллект. Новое финансовое планирование.

Основные темы Форума Криптоинвестиции 2018:

Эволюция: от блокчейна к искусственному интеллекту.
Юридические и регуляторные вызовы.
Хранение криптовалют: Антиотмывочные   требования и противодействие   мошенничеству.
Структуры для ICO
Криптовалюты: прогноз на 2018
Бизнес решения на базе блокчейн
Как выбрать ICO: Инвестиционные критерии   и управление рисками
Торговля криптовалютами
Инвестиции в криптовалюту
Налоговые нюансы



Амнистия капитала 2.0. Практика.

Уважаемые дамы и господа!
19-го февраля 2018-го года в силу вступил закон РФ №33-ФЗ об амнистии капитала. Это уже
второй аналогичный закон, однако сейчас есть ряд существенных отличий и преимуществ по
сравнению с предыдущими инициативами.
Закон настолько интересен, что им хотят воспользоваться, даже те у кого нет денег в

Приглашаем Вас на бизнес-завтрак Закрытого Клуба TFH.
Амнистия капитала 2.0. Практика.
24 апреля 2018 года
10:00 - 12:00

В ходе делового завтрака мы обсудим:
Особенности проведения амнистии капитала 2.0:
- Какова процедура амнистии капитала?
- Какие гарантии предоставляет государство?
- Юридические и бухгалтерские аспекты амнистии.
- Какие подводные камни и как их обойти?
Мы обсудим на примере практических кейсов.

Предварительная регистрация обязательна: +7 (499) 286-0010, op@tfh-uk.com
Место проведения: г. Москва, ресторан «Турандот», Фарфоровый зал. Москва, Тверской
бульвар, 26
Сбор гостей: с 9:30
Количество мест ограничено.

Свобода перемещения и конфиденциальность 2018

Мир стремительно меняется. Иногда даже не успеваешь отследить нюансы изменений международных отношений, законов и правил. Автоматический обмен налоговой информации уже начал работать в Европе. Страны предлагают новые варианты для смены гражданства. Появляются новые инвестиционные возможности.
Обсудим практику и тренды: законность, прозрачность, продуманная структура холдинга, открытие счетов, гражданство и вид на жительство, страхование.

Приглашаем Вас принять участие в бизнес-завтраке Закрытого Клуба TFH, где совместно с Анной Севостьяновой из компании Arton Capital и ассоциацией адвокатов Spyros Vassiliou мы рассмотрим тему:


28 февраля 2018 года, 10:00-12:00
Европейские и российские адвокаты ожидают вас, чтобы обсудить:
-    Как заработал автоматический налоговый обмен в Европе? Доклад европейских адвокатов.
-    Как должна выглядеть холдинговая структура сейчас? Мнение экспертов.
-    Существуют ли законные способы обеспечения конфиденциальности? Практика.
-    Второе гражданство. Насколько это легально?
-    Рейтинг паспортов и стран, подводные камни.
-    Какие банковские счета открывать в условиях риска ужесточения санкций?

Предварительная регистрация обязательна: +7 (499) 286-0010, ty@tfh-uk.com, Юрий Темирбулатов
Место проведения: г. Москва, InterContinental, ул. Тверская 22, зал «Лисицкий»

Global blockchain&fintech forum 2018

21 февраля 2017, в Москве, профессиональная конференция посвященная технологии блокчейн и биткоину. Bitcoin Russia 2018. Специалисты высокого уровня поделятся знаниями и последними тенденциями в области финтех, ICO и правового регулирования. https://x10.global

Искусственный Интеллект. Новый финансовый мир

Уважаемые господа!
Темпы развития и внедрения информационных технологий ускорились. Для многих финансистов очевидно, что мы подошли к новому «тектоническому» сдвигу, который способен поменять баланс мировых сил. Ключевой технологией в финансовой сфере окажется искусственный интеллект (ИИ). Системы ИИ становится все более актуальным и перспективным направлением развития бизнеса.
Поэтому, совместно с экспертами, мы хотим обсудить как ИИ поменяет финансовый мир и как мы сможем зарабатывать на этом.

Приглашаем Вас принять участие в бизнес-завтраке Закрытого Клуба TFH, во время которого мы рассмотрим тему:

20 февраля 2018 года, 10:00-12:00
В дружеской атмосфере мы обсудим:
- Новейшие исследования и прогнозы в разработке и внедрении искусственного интеллекта (ИИ).
- Как работает Система искусственного интеллекта в оценке бизнес-проектов,
в том числе ICO-проектов.
- Преимущества независимой оценки бизнеса на основе ИИ для
потенциальных инвесторов.
- Основные показатели независимой оценки бизнес-проектов на основе ИИ.
- Варианты доступа к данным аналитической Системы.
- Предложение для закрытого круга инвесторов.

Предварительная регистрация обязательна: +7 (499) 286-0010, em@tfh-uk.com, Елена Максимова
Покупка билетов: https://tfh.timepad.ru/event/667532/
Место проведения: г. Москва, Ресторан Турандот, Тверской б-р, 26, стр. 3, 2 этаж


  • Alexander M.

    General manager, private investment fund

    We started our cooperation with TFH for more then three years ago. Since that time we became good friends. They do thier job the best way possible, and much more then we have expected. We recommend TFH team as highly efficient lawyers, and trustworthy partners.

  • Igor

    Benficiary, Construction projects, Retail

    We work with TFH team since 2008. For this years many things have changed. But TFH is fully suits our demands, they work fast and with proper quality. We will continue on our cooperation.


TFH Group helps to select the best investment proposals. We value your trust. However, the TFH, Group itself thanks to our approach is highly profitable. For eight years we have provided an average annual increase in revenues of 35%. However, the implementation of strategic plans of development of the group requires additional investments. We hereby inform you that we are ready to discuss investment proposals.    

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